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TK Photography was created by Tim Kern, the photographer, out of his lifelong passion for creating memories through the lens of a camera. Tim had been a freelance photographer for several years while working for another company full time to support his family. Tim and his wife Leanna both grew up in the Englewood/Venice area and have now moved back to the town, which they both so loved, to raise their family and launch their photography company. Tim uses the highest quality professional camera equipment available on the market today and has the skill and experience to create excellent portraits. Tim prides himself on his customer service and communicates with his customers every step of the way to ensure everyone is able to have their moments turned into lasting memories. Tim is cleared through the same federal background clearance process as is required of school teachers in the state of Florida (Jessica Lunsford Act Level 2 Clearance). TK Photography is a federally and state recognized and approved business.