About the photographer -

TK Photography was created by Tim Kern, the photographer, out of his lifelong passion for creating memories through the lens of a camera. Tim and his wife Leanna both grew up in the Englewood area. Tim uses the highest quality professional camera equipment available on the market today and has the skill and experience to create excellent portraits. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we communicate with our customers every step of the way to ensure everyone is able to have their moments turned into lasting memories. TK Photography specializes in custom portraits and live action photography. We can shoot any event such as: family portraits, senior portraits, live action sporting events, team portraits, weddings, birthday parties, and banquets. Tim is the owner and operator of the business. In 2020 he was honored by the Florida Press Association for his pictures. He has been cleared by a level 2 federal background check just like the school teachers are to be permitted to work with children. TK Photography is a federally and state recognized and approved business.